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Welcoming-All Event Details

Thank you for attending and supporting the vision of inclusivity and accessibility in the vacation rental industry! Stay tuned for our podcast and news of the next summit!

Why should you attend?

  • Get MORE Bookings!

  • Join the FASTEST GROWING niche in the short term rental world!

  • Be inspired by our fabulous speakers

Previous Summit's Speaker/Session Lineup!

Suzanne Hacker
Lorraine Woodward

Suzanne Hacker, a compassionate volunteer since her youth, has been dedicated to helping those with physical challenges throughout her life.  As a business coach for vacation rental owners, she helps vacation rental owners through coaching, property management, social media management & inclusive design.  With family, friends, and neighbors having children on the autism spectrum, Suzanne was inspired to create the Spectrum-Friendly Properties training. This initiative assists vacation rental owners in making their properties safe and comfortable for families with children on the autism spectrum.

Your Co-Hosts

Lorraine Woodward, a gifted speaker and founder of Becoming rentABLE,  decided on her 60th birthday that she was ready for one big final act. Lorraine knows first hand how hard it can be to find an accessible short-term rental. She, along with her 2 adult sons, have muscular dystrophy and through the years struggled to find accessible places to stay for their family. Because of this, they built their own accessible rental property at the beach so they knew they had a place they could stay. They soon realized so many other families were having the same problem. In fact out of their 400+ renters, they found their stories were ALL the same - finding a truly accessible property is nearly impossible. Using that knowledge and her professional experience, Lorraine founded Becoming rentABLE and is the perfect co-host for this summit!

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Meet Some of Our
Fabulous Speakers

We have lined up an extraordinary list of industry experts, hosts, designers, marketers, and more to bring you the best of the best!

Previous Summit Sponsors

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